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Andy Beel FRPS

Master Depth of Field In 1 Day Workshop

23 August 2017 

Give your pictures the artistic look, discover how to control Depth of Field with your lenses


How To Take Better Infrared Photos Workshop

11 September 2017 

Improve your infrared photos with new insights from a leading photographer.


How To Get The Best From a Wide-angle Lens

14 October 2017 

Learn how to get the best from your wide-angle lens in easy steps


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Here are all the Learn > Grow > Express Programme Introduction Days, Workshops and Masterclasses in one place to help you plan your Learning-Zone experience.

The Learning Zone

Choose from our Professional Black and White Photography courses, masterclasses and workshops to help turn the most ordinary and uninspiring of subjects into photographic gold. Andy Beel FRPS has over 30 years of Black and White Photography skills, tips and secrets to share with you.

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LGE Intro Workshops

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LGE Introduction Workshops allow you to discover the essential artistic and technical skills of an expressive photographer.

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LGE Workshops

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Embed the art and craft of photography within your photographic practice with the LGE Workshops


LGE Masterclasses


LGE Masterclasses support passion, creativity and individualism on your path to developing vision and style.


ABC of CameraWork Core Content



Understanding the reason for taking a picture and sharing it with a viewer
Read More



Any picture will either sings or sag depending on the background
Read More



“Composition is the art of leaving things out”

Andy Beel FRPS

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Depth of Field

Depth of field is a tool for seeing and feeling
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Optimum exposure allows a variety of post-processing workflows to be used
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Accurate focusing is vital to communicate a strong visual message
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Gently pressing the shutter release helps reduce camera shake and composition
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Learn > Grow > Express Core Content

Discover what clients and workshop participants are saying

“Andy Beel FRPS is an acknowledged virtuoso in monochrome photography. This makes for very powerful pictures – he leaves the viewer no doubt as to the centre of attention of the picture.

If there is one word which is not appropriate to any of Andy’s work that is “bland”.”

Storrington Camera Club

Andy Beel has what he himself described as ‘unconscious competence’ which comes from the synthesis of photographic craft with pure experience. 

He appears to work simply and easily, as all great artists do, but the rest of us have many more hours yet to put in before we achieve anything like his ‘unconscious competence’.

Hilary Britland.

“I really enjoyed Thursday finding the day quite intense and thoughtfully constructed to specifically suit my needs. I really felt as if the session was bespoke rather than something “off the shelf.  

I would definitely use Andy again to coach me on other aspects of the photographic process.”

John Crozier – Bodmin Moor

Make your best even better with Andy Beel


The Dark Art – A Black And White Digital Printing Manual.

How many times have you looked at a stunning print and thought, I wish I could print like that?  Now, you can.

The ABC of CameraWork Manual – How to see photographically. Know what your picture will look like before pressing the shutter. Read the reviews here.

Workshop leader

Andy exclusively provides educational introduction days, workshops and masterclasses in digital black and white photography.

Distinctions advice

Distinctions advice may be the difference between success and failure. Three reasons my approach will make you more successful”.

Firstly, the criteria are fully understood.

Second, the panel is planned to meet the acceptance criteria.

Third, the pictures are combinations of ideas that look beyond the subject matter.

Camera club talks and demonstrations

As an established Lecturer on the photographic Club and Society circuit, Andy enjoys a reputation for producing thought-provoking black and white pictures printed in a dark and gritty style.

This entertaining and knowledgeable Fotospeed Photographer is enthusiastic to pass on his detailed knowledge of producing exhibition quality digital black and white prints.

On-line picture reviews

In a Skype critique session, Andy will explore with you, your photographic practice regarding the taking and making of digital  pictures. He will openly share his detailed insights and knowledge of the black and white printmaking process.

You will be inspired and enthused to progress to new heights of competence.

121 Tuition

You too will benefit from Andy’s advanced digital darkroom skills when you book a bespoke 121 session. The enjoyable 121 takes place in your own home with your own equipment. You will learn new techniques and ideas at your  at your own pace.

“I am more than happy to openly share my insights and perspectives on the taking and making of black and white pictures with you”.

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