Refilling oil cans – Didcot Railway Centre – October 2019. Fujinon 8-16mm f2.8 lens taken on the recent Depth of Field workshop


In this post is – The Hierarchy of Photographic Importance, Talk and demonstration opportunities for your club, Inspiration – Black and White Photo Exhibitions to see in December, Mobile online payments maybe back on again!, New Monitor far toooo bright, Has your Nik/Google/DxO Collection disappeared in Photoshop Version 2020 released Nov 2019?, Excellent Christmas Presents For Passionate and Purposeful Photographers.


A Hierarchy of Photographic Importance

Here is a little game you can play. Put these essential photographic skills and knowledge in to priority order. Which way up should this Infographic be to best describe your photographic practice?

I can see potential advantages of using this infographic either way up. There needs to be balance in the vision and technology servant relationship.

Papa’s Cleethorpes Pier – taken on the North Lincolnshire lecture tour – October 2019

Talk and demonstration opportunities for your club

Here is a list of the talks and demonstrations I offer camera clubs –


Click on a talk title to go to the Lectures page on my website for more info 

Here I am giving a talk somewhere in the south of England.

South of England means anywhere, where it’s economically viable for the club. I will travel any distance if you have a slot and an audience.

“Just wanted to say that your talk last Thursday was very much appreciated by everyone who was there. I had lots of good comments afterwards, so I am sure your next visit to the club will be well attended as was the last. Thanks for doing a super show.” 

Martin Addison FRPS Worcester Camera Club

Inspiration – Black and White Photo Exhibitions to see in December


Magnum Manifesto at Compton Verney Art Gallery CV35 9HZ near Leamington Spa on until 15 December.

The English Seen by Tony Ray Jones at The Martin Parr Foundation, 316 Paintworks, Bristol BS4 3AR on until 21 December.

Platinum Blonde Bristol Docks Samyang 300mm f6.3 Mirror lens 2016

Regular – Raw Bank Yorkshire Dales November 2019

The current RPS exhibition is Sugar Paper Theories by Bristol based photographer Jack Latham, RPS House, 337-340 Paintworks, Bristol BS4 3AR on until 26 January 2020. Open on Thursday to Sunday – check website.


Ian Beesley: Work at Gallery 2, Salts Mill, Victoria Road, Saltaire, BD18 3LA West Yorkshire (Driving? For satnavs use postcode BD17 7EF and see directions).

Mobile online payments maybe back on again!

The good news is audiences are able to buy the wisdom? in my books at camera club talks without the need to carry cash.

After my dalliance with mobile online payments a few years ago, our society is now much more ready to pay for most things with a contactless card. My original Pay Pal card reader has never worked properly and Paypal did not know how to fix it,

This time I am using the Square Card Reader Contactless & Chip and PIN Device. The reader will also work with any Chip and Pin, Contactless card, Apple and Google Pay and Contactless smartphones and watches. This comes with a big proviso – an internet connection is required to take a payment.

So let’s hope the BT Hotspots are up to scratch!

New Monitor far toooo bright

The old 28″ computer monitor I have been using for years died out of spite last week. Just a white screen. After checking to verify if the problem was the monitor or something else by plugging in my old TV that was lurking in the garage (on its way to be recycled). 

Eventually a new 32″ HP monitor arrived. I waited until it was dark so I could do the initial calibration with an X-Rite i1 Display Tool. The monitor brightness was measured at a staggering 273 Lumens/Sqm. The international standard monitor brightness (or Luminance) for photography is 120 Lumens/Sqm. The reason why all new monitors are so bright is because they are made principlally for the Gamers not Photographers.

Has your Nik/Google/DxO Collection disappeared in Photoshop Version 2020 released Nov 2019?

Problem – The Nik/Google/DxO Collection disappeared in Photoshop

Solution – The reason the Nik Collection has disappeared is Adobe has moved the Plugins to The Common Files Folder.

For Windows Copy your Nik Collection FROM – Hard Drive\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Plug-Ins

and Paste TO Hard Drive\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CC

The correct location for a Mac user is Hard Drive/Applications/[Photoshop version]/Plug-ins according to Adobe.

As an aside the Nik/Google/DxO Collection works fine in the latest version 9.0 of Lightroom released Nov 2019.
The above statement is true for my PC. However, my laptop is running exactly the same Win 10 and Photoshop v21 and Lightroom v9.0 but the Nik Collection will not work with it, even though the files are in the same folders! Go figure that one out. If I manage to fix it on the laptop I will let you all know.
I did manage to get Silver Efex working on my laptop in Photoshop and Lightroom. I went back to a 2015 download on my PC and reinstalled it on the laptop. It only took about three hours to figure it all out!
Excellent Christmas Presents For Passionate and Purposeful Photographers


I have a new stock of books waiting to be bought and dispatched by the first-class post in time for Christmas. Each workshop manual contains a wealth of digital knowledge and interpretation.

“I have a huge book collection and I like books to ‘feel’ right’.  The initial reaction is that it looks and feels an excellent workbook with good quality images and a very clear layout.  The spiral binding allows me to have it flat without risking damaging the spine which can happen.” Dennis Jeffery MSc BA FCA  ATT

“Admire greatly the wide range and style of your photos.  Great stuff.  I live in Provence and struggle to achieve what I want from my photography, partly due to the difficulties of learning in another language.  SO …. when I came across your book it seemed a fabulous source of invaluable information.” 

Rosie Jackson – Provence

Excellent Christmas Presents For Passionate Photographers
The ABC Manual – How to see photographically

The effective viewfinder workflow for colour and mono photographers 

“Thank you, Andy, for an enjoyable and enlightening time. Your ‘ABC’ organises the fundamentals of good photographic practice and makes it accessible and memorable.  An excellent blueprint for advancement.”   Kevin Scott – Glastonbury

“I have the ABC manual and have read it. Most excellent.” Dave Straker – Abergavenny