Bristol Old City Night Photo Tour


Mon 14 Nov 2022

Mon 13 Feb 2023 & Fri 17 Nov 2023


  • Gently discover the benefits of night photography
  • See the familiar in unusual light
  • Embrace shadows and darkness
  • Understand the high ISO look
  • Is a tripod essential?
  • Maximum group of 5 participants
  • Fitness 1 of 3
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1 What Will I Learn?

2 The Tour At A Glance

3 Picture Reviews

4 Is This Tour For Me?

1 What Will I Learn?

My method of seeing a picture is not about primarily looking for subjects but searching out tones that work together. I am always on the hunt for a light-toned subject with a darker background. Fundamentally as a black and white photographer, I am looking at tone rather than colour.


Strong colour can be a distraction when in the wrong place in a picture. Monochrome photography is an abstraction and simplification that brings art and structure to a confusing world. This tour is not specifically aimed at mono workers but all who want to explore their dark side!

“The marvels of daily life are exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.”

Robert Doisneau – Photographer

2 The Tour At A Glance 


Starting at 8 pm, the tour concludes at 10 pm.

Included In The Cost

A guide to potential picture taking location and technical advice if requested.

Excluded From The Cost

All personal expenses and refreshments.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Email Support 

Once you become a client, part of the package is unlimited on-going email support. So if you have a question, please email me

What to Bring

A tripod only if you must.

Bring the lens that gives you the best chance of getting a picture in your style.

Don’t forget extra batteries, memory and your charged mobile phone. 

Wet weather gear may be needed at any time of the year.

3 Example Pictures 

4 Is This Photo Tour For Me?

Essentially you will discover your ability to embrace the beauty and profundity of shadows. If you are a painter you know the shadows are a vital element of your picture to successfully show off the highlights. Much of my work is based on a very straightforward way of making pictures. Fortunately, for you, this process is made easier at night rather than working in bright daylight. What photographer’s need is a small quantity of light essentially in the right place.


If you are wedded to the idea that all shadows must contain detail then you may be taking technical rather than emotionally driven pictures. Technical excellence does not always provide an emotionally satisfying picture. Are you prepared to try something a little different that may even broaden your horizons?


This nighttime tour of the Bristol Old City is about seeing the beauty of shadows with new eyes. It matters not whether you principally work in colour or mono all are welcome. Come along and have fun with like-minded photographers.

Make your best, even better 

With Andy Beel FRPS