The Craft of Photographic Seeing Workshop


Andalucia – Ronda, Seville & Cadiz 
16 – 24 January 2020 
  • Learn and embed the craft of photographic seeing
  • Feel valued in a small group tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Rapid progression for colour and mono photographers
  • Using the free manual worth £25 get up to speed before the workshop
  • Learn new basic skills with the free 1-day introduction workshop worth £99
  • Residential workshop accommodation – included
  • As a client, advice is always available with on-going email support
  • Fitness level 1 of 3 – easy for most levels of fitness and agility
  • Excellent value for money is offered in this complete learning package


The Craft of Photographic Seeing for colour and mono photographers 
Page Contents 
  1. What will I learn?
  2. The Photographic Composition Workshop At A Glance
  3. Examples of Photographic Seeing
  4. Photographic Seeing Workshop Tutorial
  5. Take Pictures Like These
  6. Is This Photographic Seeing Workshop For Me?
craft of photographic seeing

Andy will help you discover how to see photographically through the ABC of CameraWork Method. You will have opportunities to pre-visualise your pictures artistically and technically before you press the shutter release.

The aim of photographic seeing

“The aim of photographic seeing is to recognise the moment and organise the composition.”

Andy Beel FRPS

1 – What will I learn?

To see photographically this ground-breaking workshop uses a mnemonic: A – Attraction  B – Background C – Composition  D – Depth of field E – Exposure  F – Focus G – Gently press the shutter.

  • Discover an excellent blueprint for photographic advancement.
  • Understand and use the ABC of camerawork method of seeing.
  • Acquire significant feedback on each of the days’ shoots with individual reviews.
craft of photographic seeing
“A quick note to thank you so much for the great workshop in Spain. I don’t attend many workshops, but this is the only one to give notes and superb tuition.
Like most things, you get out what you are prepared to put in, and I learned an awful lot from you. I will put into practice the things I need to get right.”
Jay Charnock FRPS
2 – The Craft of Photographic Seeing Workshop At A Glance
Dates and Times

The Craft of Photographic Seeing Workshop starts at midday and finishes at 18.00. Please try to arrange your flights to agree with these times.


The accommodation which is included in the cost has been reserved in Seville, Cadiz and Malaga.

Included In The Cost
  • ABC of CameraWork Manual worth £25 
  • Free Introduction workshop worth £99
  • Accommodation – Hotel B&B
  • Tutorials
  • Individual or group picture reviews
  • Guidance to selected photography locations
  • Suggestions for composition, exposure and lenses
  • Transport whilst on the workshop
  • On-going email support
Excluded From The cost  

Transport to the Workshop, Entrance Fees, Lunch and Evening Meals and Refreshments

Additional Benefits

You may be interested in booking a session of 121 Post-processing Tuition to enable you to get the most from the Introduction to Composition Workshop.

craft of photographic seeing


Free 1-Day Introduction Workshop 

Included in the cost of the workshop is the 1-day Introduction Workshop in Bristol’s historic harbour or Georgian Bath. The purpose of the workshop is to briefly introduce the LGE Programme (LGE) and to make you ready to gain the most of your time in Spain. On the 1-day workshop, we will gently introduce you to the ABC method of photographic seeing.


We will be staying in the heart of Seville in the Hotel Puerta de Sevilla for three nights. This will give us the opportunity to explore this wonderful European city. The next three days will be spent around the historic coastal city of Cadiz. From here the itinerary takes us to Ronda on our way back to Malaga for two nights.

Joining Instructions 

Flight Travel information will be sent to you shortly after you make the booking. This will include the dates and times you need to be in and leave Malaga Airport. The exact time and location for us to meet will be included in the joining instructions which will be emailed to you approximately two weeks before the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please go to our frequently asked questions page

On-going Support

Once you become a client, part of the package is unlimited email support. If you have a question, please email me

3 – Malaga Exhibition Centre – Examples of Photographic Seeing   

We will have an opportunity to look at variations of subject matter and composition to express “the strongest way of seeing” to quote Edward Weston. See the examples opposite of the variations available to the same subject from the Malaga Exhibition Centre.

craft of photographic seeing
craft of photographic seeing

Click on the pictures to enlarge them

craft of photographic seeing
craft of photographic seeing
craft of photographic seeing
4 – The Craft of Photographic Seeing Tutorial 

The content of the craft of photographic seeing workshop builds on the skills and knowledge offered in the one-day introduction workshop.

You will have the opportunity to take the following picture types: landscape, seascape, industrial, portraiture, dance, night and street photography. This workshop is not dedicated just to landscapes.

craft of photographic seeing
Picture Taking

The essence of Attraction and Composition are the glue that holds a picture together. Selecting and composing the picture is all about you, how you see and what you perceive as significant.

“The art of photographic composition is the art of leaving things out”

Andy Beel FRPS

We use visual language and grammar to compose a picture. There is also a vocabulary: the building blocks (words) of the sentences to put the picture together. Please refer to section C4 of the Workshop Manual. The Infographic opposite describes the vocabulary – the terms used to describe the elements that make up a picture.

craft of photographic seeing

The one-day introduction workshops in the LGE Programme offer instruction in a very straightforward way. The workshops demonstrate practical ways of using knowledge and new-found skills. Knowledge isn’t knowledge until you own it and use it at will in an appropriate situation.

craft of photographic seeing
craft of photographic seeing
Hot Hint 

Turn OFF Framing Guidelines in your Electronic Viewfinder for a more personal compositional arrangement.

Participant Picture Reviews

During the craft of photographic seeing workshops, your pictures will be reviewed as you take them to ensure that you fully understand how to get the effect you’re trying to achieve.

5 – You Will Have The Opportunity To Take Pictures Like These

Click on the pictures below to enlarge them 

craft of photographic seeing
craft of photographic seeing
craft of photographic seeing
craft of photographic seeing
craft of photographic seeing
craft of photographic seeing
6 – Is the Craft of Photographic Seeing Workshop for me?

A photographer uses subject matter, framing, lines, shapes and form to give the image credibility. By understanding how the nuts and bolts of picture composition work together you will have much greater success in making an effective picture. The viewer will be seeing and understanding what you saw and felt at the time of taking.

Your photography skills and knowledge will greatly benefit from being in the Learning Zone for just one week.

Here is a reminder of the highlights to be gained on this nurturing workshop.

  • Understand the elements of composition and when to use them
  • Expand and enhance your photographic vocabulary
  • Composition is the art of leaving things out
  • Open a door to expressive seeing and compositions
  • Excellent for both colour and mono photographers
  • A move towards cleaner, simpler pictures will aid any photographer
craft of photographic seeing

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Making your best, even better

Andy Beel FRPS

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16 – 24 January 2020


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