Introduction to Photographic Seeing Workshop


Sat 21 October 2017 – Georgian Bath
Sat 2 December 2017 – Georgian Bath
Sat 13 January 2018 – Bristol Harbour 
Weds 7 February 2018 – Georgian Bath 
Sat 3 March 2018 – Bristol Harbour 
Weds 11 April 2018 – Georgian Bath 
  • Unravel instantly made viewfinder decisions
  • Excellent for colour and mono photographers
  • Free copy of the ABC of CameraWork Manual worth £25
  • Discover new ways of seeing
  • Great value for money
  • 4 Places
  • Fitness Level 1 of 3
  • On-going email support


Page Contents

1 – Before The Workshop

2 – Introduction to Learn Grow Express Programme

3 – Examples of Photographic Seeing

4 – Photographic Seeing Tutorial

5 – Picture Taking

6 – Participant Picture Reviews

7 – Learn Grow Express Core Content

8 – You Will Have The Opportunity To Take Pictures Like These

9 – Participants’ Pictures

10 – David’s Inspiring Case Study

11 – Testimonial From A Past Workshop Participant

12 – Introduction To The Photographic Seeing At A Glance

13 – Is This Photographic Seeing Workshop For Me?

What will I learn?

If you are having difficulty seeing the picture, the workshop will help you decide what the picture is for you.

We each see things and understand their significance differently.

There are no right or wrong answers with subject selection and visual balance, but there are principles not rules to be recognised.  



The aims of the workshop are:

  • Unravel the process of instantly made viewfinder decisions
  • Discover the secrets of effective photographic seeing
  • Find out how your pictures will look artistically and technically before pressing the shutter
  • Be in control of the picture taking and making process
  • A brief introduction to the LGE Programme

1 – Before The Workshop

The Workshop Manual 

When you sign up, you will be sent a free copy of the ABC of CameraWork Manual  – How to see photographically. See Chapter 1 – Introduction. This will allow you to get a handle on the idea of the ABC of Camerawork and its basic parts. On the Introduction Workshop we will be outlining the principles and not getting into the fine detail.

Warm Up Exercise

Before the workshop think about the role of the photographer and share it with the group. Try to hone your thoughts into three bullet points.

Artistic Awareness Survey

Each workshop participant will have their own reasons for signing up and aspects of photography they wish to learn or improve.

The Artistic Awareness Survey will help you work out what you do and do not know about photographic seeing.

2 – The Introduction To The LGE Programme 

A Brief Introduction To The Learn > Grow > Express (LGE) Programme

Learn > Grow > Express is a three-part learning programme leading to a designated outcome, for example an exhibition, a book, a distinction with participants designing and self-directing their programme.


photographic seeing
One-Day Introduction Workshops

The one-day introduction workshops are perfect for getting you into the mood and idea of the LGE concept. It is recognised that you will have very little knowledge of Learn Grow Express before you come on the introductory workshop.

Residential Workshops

Residential workshops can last between five and eight days. Depending on the subject we will have plenty of time to go into the details. Residential workshops build on the information given in the one-day introduction and look forward to the masterclasses.

Residential Masterclasses

Masterclasses are an opportunity for you to enhance your photographic expression based on your experience on the workshops. My role as workshop leader becomes more facilitator rather than trainer educator.

Beginnings and Endings 

Your chance of success is greatly increased by breaking big changes into small manageable steps. The LGE Programme provides the steps for you to create your dreams, talent, vision and style.

“Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”

George Bernard Shaw

3 – Examples of Photographic Seeing 


We will have an opportunity to look at variations of subject matter and composition to express photographic seeing.

See the examples below of the same Banksy subject taken over a period of years on photographic seeing workshops in Bristol.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them

“Aim for simplicity”

Andy Beel FRPS

4 Photographic Seeing Tutorial 

Andy will gently introduce you to the ABC of CameraWork method of photographic seeing

All the key areas of expressive photography are covered with this method

  • A Attraction 
  • B Background 
  • C Composition choices 
  • D Depth of field choices 
  • E Exposure choices 
  • F Focus choices 
  • G Gently press the shutter 
5 Picture Taking

Here is the real heart of the photographic seeing workshop, how to select subject matter and compose it into a balanced composition. Andy will show you how he deals with a wide variety of subjects. He will also gently introduce you to the wider aspects of the ABC of CameraWork method of photographic seeing.

Show > Do > Review

If you choose to attend an introduction day, part of my role as the leader will be to ensure that you will forever remember the ABC of camerawork mnemonic. At least once or twice a day Andy will remind the group: A is for..? By doing so the whole group gets to remember the thinking process.

Knowledge isn’t knowledge until you own it to use at will in any appropriate situation.

photographic seeing
6 Participant Picture Reviews

During the day your pictures will be reviewed as you take them to ensure that you fully understand how to get the effect you’re trying to achieve. All of us see pictures differently and we can learn from each other by sharing the pictures we have taken.  We all see things in our own way and passing around cameras is a good method  to pick up the vision and style of others.

It is important to say that this is not a competition and you are on the workshop to learn and update skills.

7 – Learn > Grow > Express Core Content

The encouraging articles below set out the key thinking behind the ABC of CameraWork method of photographic seeing.



Understanding the reason for taking a picture



Background makes a picture either sing



“Composition is the art of leaving things out”


Depth of Field

Depth of field is a tool for making expressive pictures



Optimum exposure allows a variety of post-processing



Accurate focusing is vital to communication a message



Gently press the shutter to avoid camera shake

8 – You Will Have The Opportunity To Take Pictures Like These

9 – Participants’ Pictures

photographic seeing
photographic seeing
photographic seeing
photographic seeing
10 – David’s Inspiring Case Study

Read how David found inspiration and real progress though following up a magazine article.


11 – Testimonial From Past Workshop Participant


“Thank you, Andy, for an enjoyable and enlightening day. Your ABC organises the fundamentals of good photographic practice and makes it accessible and memorable.

An excellent blueprint for advancement.”

Kevin Scott – Glastonbury

12 – Introduction To Photographic Seeing At A Glance

Dates And Times

The Introduction day starts at 10.00 and finishes at 4.00 – 5.00 in each location.

Included In The Cost

  • ABC of CameraWork Manual worth £25 
  • Individual or group picture reviews
  • Guidance to selected photography locations
  • Suggestions for composition, exposure and lenses
  • On-going email support

Excluded From The cost  

Transport to the Workshop, Parking, Entrance Fees, Meals, and Refreshments

What To Bring

  • Camera and camera manual
  • Batteries
  • Memory cards
  • Mobile phone
  • Notebook, pen
  • Wet weather gear – depending on the forecast
  • Walking boots

Additional Benefits

You may be interested in booking a session of 121 Post-processing Tuition to enable you to get the most from the Introduction to Seeing Photographically Workshop.


We will meet in a cafe for a coffee and a chat about The ABC of CameraWork and what you would like to get out of the day. Relevant technical issues such as focus and exposure compensation will also be included.  After that we will set out to take pictures in a wide variety of selected locations, taking in lunch along the way. After lunch, it will be more of the same suggestions, picture taking and reviews.

We will end up where we started or at a point where you can make your onward journey if the location is unfamiliar to you.

Joining Instructions 

Joining Instructions will be emailed to you approximately two weeks before the event. Included will be the exact time and location for us to meet up.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please go to our frequently asked questions page

On-going Support

Once you become a client, part of the package is unlimited email support. If you have a question, please email me



13 – Is The Introduction Workshop For Me?

photographic seeing

Here is a reminder of what we said at the top of the page:

  • Discover the secrets of effective photographic seeing
  • An innovative method of thinking, remembering and organising the photographic seeing moment
  • A brief introduction to the LGE Programme


When you are ready to book, return to the top of the page.

Additional information


Fri 1 September 2017 – Bristol Harbour, Sat 21 October 2017 – Georgian Bath, Sat 2 December 2017 – Georgian Bath, Sat 13 January 2018 – Bristol Harbour , Weds 7 February 2018 – Georgian Bath , Sat 3 March 2018 – Bristol Harbour , Weds 11 April 2018 – Georgian Bath 


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