Snowdonia Mono Printing Masterclass


Mon 14 – 18 January 2019


  • Learn to think and print like an expressive photographer
  • Free 1-day ABC of CameraWork course worth £99
  • Free copy of the ABC of CameraWork Manual worth £25
  • Free copy of the Dark Art – a digital black and white printing manual worth £20
  • Accommodation
  • Participant picture reviews
  • Only 4 participants allowing for your individual guidance
  • Fitness level 2 of 3
  • Wide variety of photo shoot locations
  • Ongoing email support after the masterclass
  • Excellent value for money
Pay a deposit of £149.00 per item


The Snowdonia Mono Printing Masterclass
Page – Contents 
  1. What will I learn?
  2. The Masterclass At A Glance
  3. Examples of mono printing styles
  4. Tutorials
  5. Take & Make Pictures Like These
  6. Is This Mono Printing Masterclass For Me?
craft of photographic seeing

The aim of Monochrome Printing 

“The aim of the fine monochrome print is to go beyond mere technique and put your personality on to the print.”

Andy Beel FRPS

1 – What will I learn?

The objective of a masterclass is to inspire and inform. The benefits of the Masterclass for you will be a better understanding of what you want to say photographically and how to tell it effectively. You will be inspired and enabled to express yourselves clearly as a photographer and printer. Here are the outline Masterclass topics

  • The Viewfinder Tutorial
  • Taking Pictures
  • Picture Reviews
  • Master Printer Tutorial
  • Print Making
craft of photographic seeing
“The critiquing sessions were invaluable and I think we all benefited from seeing examples of each other’s work.”  
Alan Frost
2 – The Monochrome Printing Masterclass At A Glance

Dates and Times

The Workshop starts at 15.30 on the 14Jan and finishes at 12.30 on 18 Jan.


We are staying at the Tyn-y-Coed Inn (pronounced Tinny-e-Coed) near Capel Curig on the A5. The 4 star Grade Inn has 14 bedrooms tastefully furnished, and each has a bath or shower room, television, phone with data sockets, hairdryer and hot drinks tray.

Included In The Cost

  • ABC of CameraWork Manual worth £25 
  • Free Introduction workshop worth £99
  • Accommodation – Hotel B&B
  • Tutorials
  • Individual or group picture reviews
  • Guidance to selected photography locations
  • Suggestions for composition, exposure and lenses
  • Transport whilst on the workshop
  • On-going email support

Excluded From The cost  

Transport to the Workshop, Entrance Fees, Lunch and Evening Meals and Refreshments

craft of photographic seeing



We will travel to our photo locations in my large comfortable estate car with plenty of room for camera bags and tripods.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please go to our frequently asked questions page

On-going Support

Once you become a client, part of the package is unlimited email support. If you have a question, please email me

3 – Example pictures of different printing styles 

Snowdon Moutain Railway in low cloud

A demonstration of different brightness and contrast to affect the ability to convey mood and atmosphere in a monochrome print

craft of photographic seeing
craft of photographic seeing

Click on the pictures to enlarge them

craft of photographic seeing
craft of photographic seeing
craft of photographic seeing
4 – The Monochrome Printing Masterclass Tutorials

1 The Viewfinder Tutorial

4 The Master Printer

Discover the secret of how to print your digital files so they have the look, taste and smell of a darkroom print with luminosity and presence. Based on The Dark Art – a digital black and white printing workshop Manual by Andy Beel

  • The most important file you will ever see
  • What does a good monochrome print look like?
  • What is the role of the photographic printer?
  • Preparing files for printing in Photoshop and Lightroom
  • When are you satisfied with a print?

2 Taking pictures in the magnificent Snowdonia National Park

The sheer variety of subject matter on offer in Snowdonia is a wonder in itself. Everything from the close-in landscape to giant vistas along with lakes, railways, slate quarries, waterfalls, outdoor sports, trees and of course plenty of sheep.

5 Printmaking

We will have a Canon Pixma MG7150 A4 printer with us to make reference prints of the ideas proposed on the masterclass for you to refer to when you get home. There will also be the opportunity to make a print of your favourite picture from the masterclass

3 Picture Reviews

Picture reviews are an essential part of the learning process for you. The carefully selected picture locations are a bonus but not the be all and end all of the masterclasses. If you are to progress as an expressive photographer, the picture reviews are there to provide positive feedback on how well you have understood and achieved the artistic or technical topic discussed earlier in the day in the tutorial.

5 – You will have the opportunity to take and make pictures like these
6 – Is this Mono Printing Masterclass for me?

If you are looking for a small group where you can gain positive feedback on the pictures you have taken during the masterclass, then you will be very welcome here.

A masterclass is about learning, growing and expressing yourself with greater clarity as a photographer and printer, we will be using tutorials, picture-taking sessions and feedback to review your owning of the topics presented through the ABC of CameraWork method of Seeing.

In The Master Printer Tutorial, you will discover the secrets of how to transform a dull colour file into a stunning mono picture to make you proud.The masterclass will appeal to those photographers seeking to become more expressive in the interpretation of their chosen subject matter. Each of us has a vision and style that we use to make our pictures,

During the sessions, we will be discussing how to make pictures that demonstrate what you saw and felt about the subject. Making pictures is a process. On this masterclass, we will examine the picture making process and its inter-connectedness to enable you to make better choices earlier in the workflow.

Making your best, even better

Andy Beel FRPS

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Monday 14-18 January 2019


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