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121 Tuition
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Andy Beel FRPS is acknowledged as a leading digital monochrome photographer. Andy’s advanced digital darkroom skills, allied to his personal creative vision, ensures he produces prints which reflect his distinctive approach to the art. “I see myself principally as a printmaker”. His aim is to make prints that speak for themselves. He is happy to share his perspective on the taking and making of monochrome pictures with you in a 121 tuition session”.

Andy Beel 121 Tuition

“I really enjoyed Thursday finding the day quite intense and thoughtfully constructed to specifically suit my needs. I really felt as if the session was bespoke rather than something “off the shelf.” The learning curve was steep but with plenty of notes to back up the reinforcement sessions that I will need to put myself through later. I would definitely use Andy again to coach me on other aspects of the photographic process.” John Crozier – Bodmin Moor

What areas of my photography can I enhance on a monochrome 121 tuition session?
Image Capture

Rapidly speed up your development as a monochrome photographer and printer with bespoke 121 tuition to your specific needs and learning style. We will go out and take pictures in a location of your choosing. Areas of discussion may be Attraction, Backgrounds, Composition, Depth of Field, Exposure, Focus, Gently press the Shutter.

Monochrome Workflows in Photoshop or Lightroom

The benefits of digital monochrome 121 tuition sessions are that you will learn powerful up-to-date techniques in your own environment, computer setup and version of Photoshop or Lightroom. Everybody and their computer setup is different so why not learn in a way that suits you best? You can choose to learn with confidence a subject that you know you need to improve. The beauty of a digital monochrome 121 tuition with an experienced monochrome photographer like Andy is you can ask as many questions as you like and make additional notes in your own way, so you are entirely sure how to repeat the technique demonstrated when Andy’s gone home.

The cost of a digital monochrome 121 tuition session

The cost of an accessibly priced superb bespoke 121 session. Three hours – £299 + travel at 35p per mile plus accommodation expenses if required. A short tuition session will allow you to focus on specific training needs, without information overload. Six hours – £449 + travel at 35p per mile plus accommodation expenses if required. All clients find a 121 session is an intense learning experience. Therefore, the longer period is suggested where you have a good background knowledge of the subject or software. You can book multiple sessions.

 Included in the cost

Technical and artistic photography advice, notes and on-going email support.

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Contact me at info@andybeelfrps.co.uk or give Andy a call on 07970 078 624 for a fixed cost quotation.