Distinctions Advice


Distinctions Advice

Distinctions advice may be the difference between success and failure.

The Benefits of Distinctions
  • A challenge to push your thinking processes forward.
  • A positive impact.
  • Building confidence.
  • Pride in achievement through assessment by your peers.
  • Enjoyment in the process of planning and completing a successful application.
  • You will be on cloud nine, self-satisfaction can last for months.

Andy took eighteen months to complete his successful Licentiateship, Associateship and Fellowship of the RPS.

Below are shots from his successful Royal Photographic Society Fellowship Panel Application in 1990.

Distinctions advice
Distinctions advice
Distinctions advice

“Andy thank you so much for today! I returned home much encouraged, greatly informed and simply can’t wait to get going, making use of those first planning matrices of yours.”

Robert Herringshaw LRPS – Nottingham

What I offer

An improved chance of a successful L, A or F panel.


Five reason why my approach is potentially more successful
  1. The criteria are fully understood.
  2. The panel is planned to meet the acceptance criteria.
  3. The pictures are combinations of ideas that look beyond the subject matter.
  4. Pictures are taken to a planned storyboard and shooting list.
  5. The panel of prints is a consistent cohesive whole.
How I offer to help you gain a distinction
  • A review of the potential panel ideas.
  • A check that you know and understand the criteria by which you are being assessed.
  • Assistance with the following:
    • Preparation and planning of the Panel before a picture is taken.
    • Picture and paper selection process.
    • Print preparation process.
    • Making consistently presented pictures.
    • A decision if and where an image is placed in the panel.


The Cost of a Distinction Advice Session

The cost of an accessibly priced superb advice session includes.

  • Technical and artistic photography advice.
  • On-going email support.

Three hours – £299 + travel at 35p per mile plus accommodation expenses if required.
A short tuition session will allow you to focus on specific training needs, without information overload.

Six hours – £449 + travel at 35p per mile plus accommodation expenses if required.
All clients find a 121 session is an intense learning experience. Therefore, the longer period is suggested where you have a good background knowledge of the subject or software.

You can book multiple sessions.


Make a booking

To make a booking or ask a question contact me now at info@andybeelfrps.co.uk
M 07970 078 624


Any advice or comments made in an advice session is only a personal opinion. I am not connected to the Royal Photographic Society or the PAGB in any way. Guidance or advice given is not a guarantee of success in any particular distinction type or category.