Andy is in the process of writing a series of books on black and white photography. These publications include The Dark Art – A Black and White Digital Printing Workshop Manual already available.  The latest in the series is “The ABC of CameraWork Manual “. The last and yet to be started is a book on photographic vision, style and intent with a working title of “Snap Decisions”.

The ABC of CameraWork Manual

How to See Photographically

The ABC of CameraWork Manual
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A great picture needs your thinking and composition to be right before you press the shutter.

The core message of the ABC of CameraWork Manual is a solution to unlock the critical issue of not appreciating how your picture will look – artistically and technically, before you press the shutter. The CameraWork Manual offers straightforward, memorable keys, applicable to any photographic genre.

An excerpt from The ABC of CameraWork Manual

The ABC of CameraWork manual unravels the process of instantly made viewfinder decisions.

Discover how you can decide artistically and technically what your picture will look like before you press the shutter release. This manual solves the tricky issue of not knowing how to think systematically when using your camera. Photographers need to think rationally. In 2011, to help you think logically, I devised a method of seeing called the ABC of CameraWork. The clear benefits of the ABC of CameraWork are an easy to follow, practical blueprint for your photographic progress. This is what the ABC of CameraWork is about; it helps you avoid making unconscious decisions.

Your camera does not know you or love you; it is not a mind reader. Your camera has nothing to do with photography. Cameras do not take pictures, the photographer does. The way humans see the world is highly subjective; your digital camera, on the other hand, is exceedingly objective because it only records the brightness of the light reflected onto the sensor. As the photographer in charge of the picture taking and making process, you have to decide why, what, how, and when to press the shutter release. The ABC of CameraWork is an easily recalled mnemonic; a straightforward way of taking and making pictures. In a very short space of time, with practice, your picture taking decisions will be transformed.

All the key areas of expressive photography are covered:

Composition choices
Depth of field choices
Exposure choices
Focus choices
Gently press the shutter

“I have a huge book collection and I like books to ‘feel’ right’.  The initial reaction is that it looks and feels an excellent workbook with good quality images and a very clear layout.  The spiral binding allows me to have it flat without risking damaging the spine which can happen.” Dennis Jeffery MSc BA FCA  ATT
“Admire greatly the wide range and style of your photos.  Great stuff.  I live in Provence and struggle to achieve what I want from my photography, partly due to the difficulties of learning in another language.  SO …. when I came across your book it seemed a fabulous source of invaluable information.” Rosie Jackson 
“I have had a quick look and it is better than I expected and will enjoy reading it and putting it into practice. Many thanks.” Brian Clarke
“Thank you, Andy, for an enjoyable and enlightening time. Your ‘ABC’ organises the fundamentals of good photographic practice and makes it accessible and memorable.  An excellent blueprint for advancement.”   Kevin Scott – Glastonbury

“I have the ABC manual and have read it. Most excellent.”

Dave Straker 

The Dark Art – A Black and White Digital Printing Workshop Manual

How many times have you looked at a stunning black and white digital print and thought, I wish I could print like that?

Now, you can.

This Workshop Manual will satisfy your desire to make stunning black and white digital prints with a full range of delineated tones, luminosity and presence.

Discover your printing; vision, style and intent, by deciding what is paramount to you.

  • You too, can quickly learn the personal workflow settings of a master black and white printer.
  • Gain fresh insights and deepen your perception with Hot Hints.

The Dark Art - A black and white digital printing workshop manual

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  • Shorten your time to learn and grow as an experienced expressive printer.
  • Gain peace of mind with neutral black and white prints.
  • Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC tutorials.

Part One – Strategic Photographic Thinking

Part Two – Preparing to Print

Part Three – A Photoshop Black and White Workflow

Part Four – A Lightroom Black and White Workflow

Part Five – The Output

180 pages, A5 Landscape printed, coil bound to stay flat. Many before and after example illustrations of post-processing workflows.

“The Dark Art – A black and white digital printing manual is possibly the most practically useful guide I have seen of digital photography from camera to print.

Direct, pragmatic advice on the technicalities and let the accompanying photographs speak for the art seems to be the approach and it works very well indeed.”

Cardiff Camera Club

“The Dark Art book has arrived and it is probably the most useful and practical book I have bought, and I have bought many.
I consider myself to be fairly competent but already you have shown me things I did not know, and I am sure more will be revealed as I work through the exercises.”
David Smith – Glasgow
“I have had a first read of your book, without the computer in front of me, and enjoyed it very much. The images are a great adjunct to the text.”
Keith Wilson – Doncaster