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Andy will explore with you, your photographic practices

Free Online Reviews

Andy Beel FRPS is a widely known master of the art and craft of monochrome digital photography and printing.   In a Skype review session, Andy will explore with you, your photographic practice regarding the taking and making of digital monochrome pictures. He will openly share his detailed insights and knowledge of the printmaking process. You will be inspired and enthused to progress to new heights of competence.   Right, is just one of the many unsolicited testimonials Andy has received over the years.

The benefits of an online review session
  • Saves you time and money.
  • An expert opinion on your monochrome pictures.
  • Provides solutions and inspiration.


The process
  1. Book a session or multiple sessions by email.
  2. Agree a mutually convenient date and time for the Skype critique session by email with Andy here info@andybeelfrps.co.uk
  3. Invite Andy to share a folder of the pictures you would like to be included in the critique session on either Google Drive or Dropbox.
  4. Swap Skype names.


The online session includes technical and artistic photography advice plus on-going email support.

Online Critiques

“Your mastery of the range of monochrome images, from the harsh and gritty texture of a dramatic landscape to the subtle tones of a sympathetic portrait, was inspirational.

You certainly proved that excellence developed in image capture on film, with processing and printing using traditional darkroom techniques could be applied to digital capture, post-processing and printing with equally excellent results.”

Jeff - Bracknell Camera Club