Workshop Joining Pack

Bring the right gear with you

Before the Workshop 

The purpose of the Before The Workshop preparation is to help get the most out of the workshop. You will more value from the money you have invested in yourself if you fully enter the process of learning.

Free 1-day Introduction Workshop to Photographic Seeing 

A free extra introduction day is included with the 5-day residential workshop.

  • Discover the building blocks of photographic seeing
  • Unravel instantly made viewfinder decisions
  • Find out how your picture will before you press the button
  • Equally relevant for colour and mono photographers
  • Free copy of the ABC of CameraWork Manual worth £25
Warm Up Exercise

Before the workshop think about the role of the photographer and share it with the group. Try to hone your thoughts into three bullet points.

craft of photographic seeing
The Workshop Manual 

When you sign up for a Photo Seeing workshop, you will be sent a free copy of the ABC of CameraWork Manual  – How to see photographically. See Chapters 6 for A for Attraction and 8 – C for Composition. Here is all the detail you need to understand and use attraction and composition better. The chapters also include Hot Hints and practical exercises for you to have a go at before you enter The Learning Zone.

Artistic Awareness Survey

Each workshop participant will have their own reasons for signing up and aspects of photography they wish to learn or improve. The Artistic Awareness Survey will help you work out what you do and do not know about the craft of photographic seeing.

craft of photographic seeing
What to Bring 
  • Camera and camera manual
  • Batteries
  • Memory cards
  • Mobile phone
  • Notebook, pen
  • Wet weather gear 
  • Warm layered clothing
  • Walking shoes/boots
Dates and Times will be emailed to you a few weeks before the workshop.