Inspiring Case Studies

Discover how photographers like you made a big positive change to their work

Case Studies
Read how David made a real difference to his photography

David had retired early, his children had flown the nest, with time on his hands he regained his interest in photography that had started in school forty years before. He had a problem with his camera, it always recorded the scene exactly as it was and not how he saw and felt.

As a member of a large photographic society he enjoyed the programme of excellent speakers but felt his own progress was alluding him.  Another problem David found was his expensive camera did not know what the subject of his picture was, everything was given equal prominence and priority.

Christmas present

David’s wife Cathy bought him a surprise Photography Workshop as a Christmas present she found in a magazine David had left lying around.  He spent the voucher on a Workshop in Snowdonia. He eagerly awaited to attend the workshop in spring of the following year.  Marcus the workshop leader impressed on David the need to connect with subject because the photographer is making the selection for the viewer.

Satisfaction guaranteed

His whole way of thinking about why he takes pictures and how to achieve satisfying results gradually changed over the weeks and months following the workshop. He is now much more confident and successful using his camera, regularly joining other photographers on Workshops and Courses to build his seeing skill base. He even gives the occasional club talk, if pressed hard enough. You, like David, will continue to take pictures that lack a satisfactory response from yourself and your viewer until you change the way you think.

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