Intro to Seeing Workshop – Runner College Green Bristol April 2021 


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The Replacement of the Replacement



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Is It Just Me?

The excellent Luminous Landscape website used to have a rant page.  I feel like a bit of a rant about trying to buy outdoor clothing that actually fits a normal size person. My problem is that I am of limited stature in the leg department, requiring trousers of a short leg length.


I have been thinking about buying a new pair of insulated over-trousers. Recently I learned water-proof clothing should be replaced after about five years. However, my old Paramo over-trousers are decades old and unfortunately, Paramo does not now appear to make anything similar. The only thing they make that is insulated is Salopettes at £350 and all sizes have the same regular leg length. If you are trying to sell clothing at that price, at least make the range of sizes people want to buy.


I tried a web search for 29-inch leg over-trousers. My local Go Out Doors store has a product of the right leg length but is XXL in the waist, I am medium waist at best! I did find a pair of trouser exactly what I was looking for, but they were out of stock on every site I tried.


Why is it that people of diminished height are discriminated against in this way? Not everybody automatically comes with a 33 inch inside leg measurement.


If, you have found a seller that has a full range of sizes for normal height people, then please let me know.

The Replacement of the Replacement

On a more positive note, I had great service when I bought a new pair of walking boots in Cotswold Outdoors last week. The assistant provided product knowledge and a range of size and width fittings for me to try. The new boots were the replacement of the replacement for the old boots that the sole nearly came off in the middle of Dartmoor and had to be taped up last October.

Intro to Seeing Workshop – Flags at the SS Great Britain above our lunch table 18mm lens, ISO 25,000, Fujifilm Velvia Film Simulation



Review of The Introduction to Photographic Seeing Workshop 

I have been running the one-day Introduction to the Photographic Seeing Workshop for quite a few years now. As you would expect the introduction is a brief overview of some of the topics that can be looked at in the five-day residential seeing workshop. In the past, these have taken place in Andalucia in Southern Spain.  What with Brexit and the pandemic I will be looking to hold this workshop somewhere in the UK in future. The five-day workshop is based on the ABC of CameraWork Manual. I wrote the manual to offer an easily remembered way of thinking when looking through the viewfinder.


My initial aim with the Introduction workshop is to help the clients remember the ABC of CameraWork mnemonic – A is for Attraction etc. and answer the reason why they signed up for the workshop in the first place.

Participants Pictures

Here is a picture from an Intro to Seeing Workshop in Bristol by Anna Dagger. The reason for the shot was the benefit of a clear background. Backgrounds make or break a picture. The background of a picture is at least 50% of the picture. Another Seeing workshop participant by Fay Rogers LRPS makes use of differential focus and suggestion.


Left – Bristol Aquarium by Anna Dagger 

Right – Bollards in the rain by Fay Rogers LRPS