A Faggarazzi (smoker) in Leonards Lane, Bristol Old City – Fujinon 8-16mm f2.8 lens at 16mm (24mm FF) ISO 51,200, f2.8, 1/75

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A Review of The Bristol Old City Night Photo Tour


No Fog Lens Wipes 


Why I Cancelled My Amazon Account


The Bristol Old City Night Photo Tour

There are pictures everywhere you look. Just because the quantity of light reduces does not mean that it is time to pack the cameras away and go to the pub. It’s just the opposite. As night falls a new world of shadows and intrigue opens up. I was first alerted to the beauty of cities at night through the 1933 book Paris By Night by Brassai and slightly later the work of English photographer Bill Brandt during the 1930s–60s.


This Bristol Old City Night Photo Tour is a safe way to embrace high ISO photography and the strength that shadows bring to a picture.


“I often think that the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day.”


Vincent Van Gogh

Dutch Artist 1853 - 1890

Here is a participant picture by Andy Tandy from The Bristol Old City Night Photo Tour this week.

A Photographer’s Nightmare

You know the situation in winter you raise the camera to the eye outdoors and your glasses steam up. To enable the shot to be taken I transfer the camera to my unnatural eye. I got so fed up with this a while ago I did look up potential solutions on the internet. The proposed solution was if I remember it correctly was to apply a smear of washing up liquid to the rear of your glasses, let it dry and then polish it off. If it worked, I don’t know as I forgot to try it.


Steamy Eye Test

I prepared myself for a big bill thinking about a visit to my Optician for an eye test. My right eye is very blurry up to the left while reading the cricket scores on Sky Sport. With a mask on my glasses were steaming up making the eye test rather difficult. After 55 plus years of having eye tests, you get to know the drill.


A Review of No Fog Lens Wipes

My Optician and Photographer friend Steve currently recommends No Fog Lens Wipes as the best there is on the market at the moment. The packaging claims up to a 24-hour fog-free performance.  As the temperature in May is just warming up it may not be the best time of year to try these out. However, my glasses did start to steam up last Monday evening when I was out with a client. But these wipes are a handy resource to have in your pocket or camera bag in winter.


Here is a source that is not Amazon (who do not pay their fair share of UK taxes). The price is just under £7 for 30 wipes on most sites.



As night follows day there was a big £500 bill with discounts from £1000 for my new glasses.

Why I Cancelled My Amazon Account

Amazon paid just £6.3 million in corporation tax in the UK in 2019, despite more than £13 billion in sales. Imagine what we could do with the billions of pounds we could generate from properly taxing these huge companies.


Support President Bidens proposal to stop global tax dodging


Sign the petition here