A photo blog is an easy way to get on-line presence for free. A blog or website is a major outlet for your production as a photographer. There are many providers of blogging websites out there to choose from I have always used the WordPress platform for my blog and website. One of the great advantages of a template based photo blog is you do not need to know any HTML coding or short codes. So with a small amount of computer knowledge a blog is easy to set up and maintain.


The benefits of a photo blog – what’s in it for you?

  1. A global outlet for the sharing of pictures and photographic experience – my current work is seen in over ninety countries with over thousands of views on average per month.
  2. The opportunity to try out new ideas on the blogosphere with prompt feedback comments from people with a broad spectrum of approaches, taste and experience.
  3. The chance to ask questions of others to find a solution to a problem or issue.
  4. Provides an avenue to advertise a website.
  5. The passing on of experience and tips to your followers.
  6. “Andy Beel’s is a must see blog” – an amazing blog gives kudos.
  7. To be a part of a global community that appreciates and celebrates photography.
  8. A time related record of change and progress through your photographic journey.
  9. Make photo friends around the world.
  10. It’s free, easy to set-up and maintains a web presence.


I have two blog sites, my old WordPress.com hosted blog can be found here and has approximately 450 posts over a five-year period. My old blog site will be use as an archive for any visitor who wants to look back at old posts. The site will not be updated. Recently I added this blog page to my website and that is why it is being promoted.

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