The Art of Photographic Composition Workshop

How well do you understand and use Composition techniques?

The Infographic below sets out the progressive knowledge and skill base of an expert photographer.

composition workshop

Would like help to make your compositions more dynamic?


Try The Art of Photographic Composition Workshop to

provide answers and assist you to own new knowledge and skills

St Davids – Pembrokeshire

Mon 29 January – Fri 2 February 2018
  • Open a door to expressive seeing and composition
  • Excellent for both colour and mono photographers
  • A move towards cleaner, simpler pictures will aid photographers of all abilities
  • Extra Free 1-day Introduction to Composition Workshop Worth £99
  • Free copy of the ABC of CameraWork Manual worth £25
  • Great value for money – B&B Included for 4 nights
  • On-going email support
  • 4 Places
  • Fitness 1 of  3

“The aim of the effective composition is to communicate what you find significant.”

Andy Beel FRPS

composition workshop
What will I learn?

This residential Composition workshop follows on from where the one-day introduction workshop left off. There we noted a great composition requires strength, organisation, structure and cohesiveness.

composition workshop
Points to consider when composing a picture 
In Pembrokeshire, we will be looking at the points to consider when composing a picture. This may include expanding your vocabulary to include words that describe the elements of composition. The workshop takes a show > do > review type of approach to teaching you new skills of selecting and framing a subject.
composition workshop
“Geometry (composition) is to the visual arts, what grammar is to the writer.”
Topics we will cover on The Art of Photographic Composition Workshop are Line, Shape, Colour, Form, Lighting, Texture, Scale, Base and Proportion. Again, we will NOT be focusing on predetermined or preset ways of composing such as the so-called rule of thirds. The aim of the effective composition is to communicate what you find significant.
composition workshop
composition workshop
composition workshop
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