Q. What Is An Aspiring Photographers Problem?

A. Not enough time in The Learning Zone 
High-risk performance zones

We spend much of our lives in a high-risk performance zone, we are doing what we normally do to make a picture. In order to improve any photographic skill, for some of the time, we need a low-risk learning zone. We cannot learn or improve the performance of the skills or knowledge at the same time as doing them.

Improvement and performance of photo skills are separate but linked functions.

Learning Zones 

The goal of the Learning zone is an improvement, concentrating what you have not mastered yet, deliberate practice, mistakes are expected and corrected through feedback, the outcome is growth and future self-expression.

The performance element

To make improvement effective, the performance element needs to be put to one side for a while. Once in the Learning Zone, there are real opportunities to master techniques without the pressure of getting the shot absolutely right first time.

A safe place to find your potential 

The intended output of the two zones are completely different and should not be confused.

When you are continually in the photographer Performance Zone your ability to learn, grow and ultimately express yourself stagnates due to a lack of influence and training.

In the Learning Zone, you are in safe place to fill your learning gaps in a structured way through deliberate practice and feedback.

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