A review of the Southwest Fuji Cameras Users Workshop

A quick review of the Southwest Fuji Cameras Users Workshop held on Wednesday 12th July at National Trust property at Dyrham Park just north of Bristol and Bath. 

Fuji Camera Users Workshop

Just a note to thank you for a most enjoyable workshop yesterday.


I very much appreciated the relaxed atmosphere and group-centred approach, and I certainly achieved my main aim of re-familiarising myself with my Fuji after some time away from photography.

The bonus was the venue, Dyrham Park, which I shall certainly visit again.”

Sue O’Connell ARPS

A group of six Fuji Camera users meet for the workshop. the basis for the day was a sharing of skills and knowledge from within the group. Much time was spent drinking coffee in the large Tea room and sharing our Fuji experiences. Many had great pictures and a few frustrations.

The complexity of the Fuji XT-2 Auto Focus systems proved to be a challenge. I also learnt that the Continuous focusing was not working on my XT-2 and was only brought back to life with a Factory Reset.


I learnt a useful quote on the workshop

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”.




Fuji Camera Users Workshop

I had prepared some starter questions to get the chat and flow of experiences going. After we had been sharing for around two and a half hours, I realised the questions weren’t needed any more.

We had lunch in the Tea Room and then went out to take pictures in the house and park at Dyrham.

Fuji Camera Users Workshop Conclusion

All present at the Fuji Camera Users Workshop felt they had gained new skills and knowledge from the workshop.

Fuji Camera Users Workshop
A view of the front facade of the house being careful to keep the sky out of the picture.
Fuji Camera Users Workshop
A pinhole picture taken on Fuji XT-2 at 50.000 ISO 1/15 sec exposure at around f185. Split Tri-toning in Lightroom
Fuji Camera Users Workshop
A shot of the rear of the house
The three pictures above demonstrate the emphasising of linear perspective to increase the appearance of depth within a picture. This subject is explained in detail in the “How to get the best from a Wide-angle lens workshop”
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