Paola of the El Centro Flamenco Dance Studio in Capileira, Andalucía


“Just enough light is all you need”

Andy Beel FRPS


El Chorrillo – Baños De Sierra Alhamilla


A quick review of the “How to see photographically” workshop in Andalucía run last week


A great time was had by all on the workshop we had a very enjoyable and informative time in Andalucía. As I run this workshop every year, I added in new locations this time we took atmospheric shots of the film set of the spaghetti western “The Exodus” north of Almeria. Many westerns films were made in southern Spain and there is much to research and photograph in the area on a similar theme.

“Super workshop, thoroughly enjoyed it all – many thanks for your patience in sorting out the XT-3”.

Jay Charnock FRPS – workshop participant

One-day Introduction to Composition 

Wells Somerset – 10 Jan 2019


  • Discover 5 vital things you must know and do when composing


Fujifilm X-H1 x 2 Handling-ability

With the recent Black Friday weekend, I ended up buying a second Fujifilm X-H1 body with double cashback – £470. The cashback offer made the price near to a used one that I had previously considered. The reason for the purchase was to have in-body stabilisation in both cameras.

With two camera bodies set up exactly the same, I am going back to the 1980s when I used two Nikon FE bodies. I always use two bodies but until now they have been different and operate in dissimilar ways. No camera manufacturer seems capable of making the handling successive bodies the same as the previous version. Say, for example, the Canon 5D Mk I to V are all completely different cameras from a handling point of view. If you want or need consistency this tendency is always very frustrating when familiarity and speed of operation are of the essence.

The Art of Photographic Composition Workshop

St Davids – Pembrokeshire

4 – 8 February 2019


  • Open a door to expressive seeing and composition
  • Excellent for both colour and mono photographers


Lightroom Library Capture Date and Time Priority

With my XT-1 and XT-2, I could have the pictures in the Lightroom Library viewed as the Capture Time independent of what camera the file was taken on. Now that I have two XH-1’s you would have thought the same would apply! Well, it does if you set up the cameras exactly same with the correct date and same file type. However, it took me a reset of the new body and little time to work this out.

Now I am back to the happy situation where independent of camera/lens the pictures are presented in Capture Time priority in the Lightroom Library.

If you are not familiar with the different ways of viewing your pictures in the Lightroom Library make sure you can see the Toolbar at the bottom of the window by pressing T on the keyboard. From there the options are displayed.

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The Mono Take Select Edit Masterclass

Wensleydale North Yorkshire 

13 – 17 May 2019


  • Discover the complete mono taking & making process in Wensleydale
  • Tutorials and demos
  • An extra free one-day ABC of CameraWork Course – Worth £99
  • A free copy of the ABC Workshop Manual worth £24.99
  • A free copy of the The Dark Art – Mono Printing Manual worth £19.99


What you need to do next… photography workshop

By the time you read this blog post the “What you need to do next… workshop” will be in full swing based on the Atlantic coast of North Devon at Hartland Quay. We will be taking pictures of the Devon and Cornwall coast and also making a trip to Bodmin Moor. There are also tutorials and feedback sessions to help you think about where you want your photography to go and do.

If your appetite is whetted then look out for dates next year.










The Hartland Quay Hotel 

Great Christmas Presents 

“I have a huge book collection and I like books to ‘feel’ right’.  The initial reaction is that it looks and feels an excellent workbook with good quality images and a very clear layout.  The spiral binding allows me to have it flat without risking damaging the spine which can happen.” Dennis Jeffery MSc BA FCA  ATT

“Admire greatly the wide range and style of your photos.  Great stuff.  I live in Provence and struggle to achieve what I want from my photography, partly due to the difficulties of learning in another language.  SO …. when I came across your book it seemed a fabulous source of invaluable information.” 

Rosie Jackson – Provence

“Thank you, Andy, for an enjoyable and enlightening time. Your ‘ABC’ organises the fundamentals of good photographic practice and makes it accessible and memorable.  An excellent blueprint for advancement.”   Kevin Scott – Glastonbury

“I have the ABC manual and have read it. Most excellent.” Dave Straker – Abergavenny

Club Talks and Lecture Tours for next Season 

It’s never too early to book a speaker for next years season beginning in September 2019. Why not consider organising a lecture tour that reduces travel costs if you are located a long way from my base in Bristol? Share the cost with other clubs in your area. See what I offer here