Preparing to Wave Adobe Goodbye 2 


The panic is over for now. The classic version of Lightroom does NOT require you to upload pictures to the cloud.


My thanks go out to those of you who responded with comments on the first post in this series. Special thanks to Chris Palmer FRPS, Alan Frost ARPS and Elizabeth Restall ARPS who pointed me in the direction of the Lightroom Classic.

I must say the press releases around the next iteration of Lightroom have been confusing and therefore badly handled by Adobe.

After an extended search on the web, I found a link to The Lightroom Queen who has prepared a very useful flowchart and table to help the confused like me to decide how to carry on using Lightroom without giving Adobe any more money and retain control of my files.

All is quiet for now, Adobe has a very poor record of keeping promises about the future continuation of products and support. There are many on the Forums asking how long Lightroom Classic will be updated and supported in the future?

How long will it be before we actually have to wave goodbye to Adobe?

Detailed Information about the differences between Lightroom CC and Classic

For a grown-up way of choosing between Lightroom CC and Classic to suit your individual needs, please go here