Preparing to Wave Adobe Goodbye 1


Adobe is one of the most profitable companies on the planet turning over a massive 5.8 Billion USD in 2016. The turnover in 2015 was 4.8 Billion. The companies income rose by 21% after the introduction of the Creative Cloud subscription products such Lightroom CC et al.

Shock News

This week Adobe announced the long-awaited new and faster Lightroom 7. The long and short of it is that as a business model for holding photographers to ransom to view and process their own pictures Adobes latest moves are totally brilliant for making money.

Lightroom 7 in all its various guises will be cloud-based. That means that all your pictures you currently hold on local hard drives will have to be uploaded to the Adobe Cloud. If you have an internet connection that will allow upload say a catalogue of 3.5Tb of pictures at 0.5mb/sec as mine is that might be fine. If you trust the vagaries of the internet with your pictures, I do not so, I will not give life’s work to be controlled by anybody but me.

What about the cost of continuing to use Lightroom 7 even if the internet works and is fast enough?

The Adobe published cost for up to 5Tb of data (75,000 pictures) of cloud storage and access to my own pictures is $50 per month. If I take 10,000 pictures per year, as Megapixels rise the cost of storing accessing will also rise above the already extortionate $50 pm. So this is an ongoing issue, that will not go away.

Now is the time to make a clean break with Adobe and look for another Raw Image Processor.

I feel Adobe has let me down as a loyal customer along with millions of others. Bye bye Adobe, it could have been so much better thatn this mess.

Read the DP Review article and readers fury here

Capture One 10 Software 

As a move to look to find a viable alternative to Lightroom CC yesterday I downloaded a 30-day trial version of the Phaseone Capture One 10 Software. Its very early days yet to becoming proficient with the workflow. This is not a cheap option a licence for C1 software is a single non-subscription payment of e 335 inc VAT.

One of the best things I have found is that the User Interface tools can be moved around and placed in the best order for workflow. Lightroom had all the right tools but in the wrong place.

It took about 4 hours to import my Lightroom Catalog into a Capture One Catalog.

Hot Hint – if you are thinking of moving to C1 double check first that your cameras are supported – see here for more details.

Please give your feedback if you are using Capture One particularly if you a Fuji Camera.

Affinity Photo Raw Processor 1.5

A much more cost-effective option may be to use the Affinity Photo 1.5 Software from Serif. At a mere £49 you get the most useful bits of Photoshop or so it appears. This would be an option to replace Photoshop.

I have just downloaded a free 10-day trial I have not opened yet so we will have to see how user-friendly it is.

I see from a quick search that Affinity Photo has a Split Tone Balance Slider and I can use Silver Efex with it so I am beginning like it already!

Again any useful comments are most welcome.

My first blog picture with Capture One 

The picture above was taken at Port Talbot Docks before a talk to Cymru Mono this year. It has been processed solely in Capture One. As you know I do a lot of split toning and C1 does not have a Split Toning Balance Slider like Lightroom. As an alternative, I could have opened the picture in Silver Efex Pro 2 as a plugin to C1 and done the toning with a Balance Slider there.