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Preparing To Wave Adobe Goodbye 3

Now that the fury has calmed down about the direction of Lightroom, it is now possible to see the wood for the trees. In my last post on this subject, I gave a warning about what may possibly happen in the future to Lightroom Classic. Adobe is not renowned for its ability to keep its promises regarding the upkeep and updating of products such as Lightroom 6 for example. This is true especially if they can see a way of monetizing the product to increase market share and profitability.
So for now, we have Adobe going on record stating that they intend to move Lightroom Classic forward in the future and they have an extensive programme of updates already planned. See the video interview below given by the Director of Adobe Photography a few days ago.

So as a contingency it may be wise to think about what may potentially happen in a few years time when the Lightroom Classic goes the way of Lightroom 6. What are the alternatives in the market now? There are some people who have always been against the subscription model and moved away from Adobe.

This post is pointing in the direction of the early adopters of new or different technology. Please give us your experiences of the products that you have used to continue your image management and post-processing.

Library Issues 

For me, the biggest issue is how easy is it to migrate my current Lightroom catalogue to a different software provider and still retain all the current features of Lightroom. Capture One allows you to import your Lightroom catalogue into Capture One but you will find many features missing once the migration is complete, Smart Collections are an obvious example.


What else is good out there?

We who are currently loyal to Adobe would like to hear about your experiences of what else is out there and how easy or difficult it may be too migrate away from Lightroom Classic. I said in an email to a friend yesterday that I felt that there was no one product out there that is capable of providing the equal capability to Lightroom. Many companies offer equal or better post-processing but the image management Library options are severely lacking in its ability to mimic Lightroom.


So please tell us what you use as an alternative to Lightroom Classic, what’s good, what’s bad in the current market?


Thank you for sharing your hard-won experience with us.

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