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Fotospeed Easy Books

A Fotospeed Easybook allows you to create a reusable portfolio album without additional tools or glue. You will have the ability to quickly and easily change the pictures. Easybooks are great for those who procrastinate or like to change their mind on a regular basis. All you need to impress your friends is a photo printer, paper and an Easybook, it’s as simple as that!


I make Easybooks to present a different aspect of my work at talks to camera clubs. Each Easybook has 10 prints printed on Fotospeed Signature Platinum Etching 285 paper.

“A Classic” – a book which people praise and don’t read”.

Mark Twain

How the Easybook is made

Simply fold back the cover and insert your images. Once you release the covers the spring-loaded spine securely grips the paper. As there are no additional tools or glueing required you can quickly and simply replace any pages any time.

  • Quick and easy to use, no additional equipment needed.
  • Use for presentations, portfolios, gifts and much more.
  • No glueing means Easy books can be used over and over again.
  • Add or swap prints any time
  • Suitable for all paper types and imaging processes.
  • Available in a variety of finishes and sizes.


See the Fotospeed Easybooks page here


Snowdonia Mono Masterclass
  • Learn to think like an expressive photographer
  • Free 1-day ABC of CameraWork course worth £99
  • Free copy of the ABC of CameraWork Manual worth £25
  • Accommodation
  • Daily participant picture reviews
  • Only 4 participants allowing for your individual guidance
14 – 18 March 2019 
14 – 18 October 2019

3 places available 

Easybook Sizes 

Landscape and portrait – 6 x 4, 5 x 7, 8 x 6, 8 x 8, 10 x 8, 12 x 8, 12 x 12, A4, A3.

Finish – Black cloth with and without window, Taupe cloth with and without window, Leather with and without window. Not all styles are available in all sizes.

Hot Hints

Fotospeed Duo Papers

The Easybooks I have created so far have been monographs – a single print on the facing right-hand page. If you so desire you could choose to print on papers from the Fotospeed Duo (double sided) range. With the ability to print double-sided there is more opportunity to have a permanent record of your photographic vision.

These papers are High White Smooth Duo 225, Matt Duo 240 and PF Lustre Duo 280.

9 April 2019 &
24 September 2019
Fuji Camera Users Workshop

Dyrham Park  North of Bath on the A46, SN14 8HY


  • Learn how to use your Fuji Camera better and quicker
  • Participant picture reviews

2 Places available

Lightroom Printing Template Page Layouts

Lightroom is shipped with a number of page layouts. Most of us only use one print to a page most of the time. How about trying to say the Custom Overlap x 3. If you feel brave you could add your own custom user page templates.


Bulldog Clips

Before placing the prints into the Easybook I make sure all the paper edges are square and lined up. Then I put a bulldog clip on each of the 3 free edges. This ensures the pages are uniformly lined up when the book spine is closed.

How To Take Better Infrared Photos


  • Visualising Infrared photos tutorial
  • Geared to beginners in IR Photography
  • Participant picture reviews
  • Only 4 participants allowing for your individual guidance

2 Places available 

8 May 2019 &
12 Jun 2019

Printing an A4 Picture on a Sheet of A3 Paper

All prints benefit from a suitable mount or border. I print an A4 size picture onto an A3 sheet of paper. This method leaves a generous border around the print. Don’t forget to make the bottom border slightly bigger than the top one in Lightroom.


Introduction Pages

Give your work credibility by adding a title page. You may also like to add a page of Photographers Notes this could be any technical or location details that are appropriate.

13 – 17 May 2019 

2 places available 

The Mono Take Select Edit Masterclass


  • Discover the complete mono taking & making process in Wensleydale
  • Tutorials and demos
  • An extra free one-day ABC of CameraWork Course – Worth £99
  • A free copy of the ABC Workshop Manual worth £24.99
  • A free copy of the The Dark Art – Mono Printing Manual worth £19.99