Selecting pictures for your blog or website

– Try these 6 easy ways


A Newspaper Picture Editors Role

Imagine you are a newspaper picture editor, your job is to make a selection from all the pictures that are uploaded from photographers on the ground. They will have made an initial selection from all the shots they have taken of the story and captioned the files. Your role is to decide which picture will best conveys the newspapers point of view about a scene to the reader.


“The best piece of advice I can give you is to be utterly ruthless and reject any picture

you are not at least 110% happy with”.

Andy Beel

A great horde of valuable information when selecting pictures can be found in a book called Magnum – Contact sheets published by Thames and Hudson.

Selecting pictures – technical and artistic reason to reject a picture
1 Relevance to a theme

Make sure the pictures you choose for a blog post or website page fit in to the overall theme, if you have one.

Unity within a theme is great for exercising your powers of visual awareness.

selecting pictures
2 The picture lacks impact

The portrait on the left lacked impact straight out of the camera. The skin tones have been lightened and the light turban, clothing and background have been darkened to hold the eye in the picture frame. A dark face on a light background would not have worked as a photograph.

selecting pictures
3 Inaccurate Focus

Check at 100% magnification the point of sharp focus is where you intended.

selecting pictures
4 Poor Exposure – over or under

Exposure to retain highlight detail in the camera, post-process for the shadows.

selecting pictures
5 Subject dominance

Ensure the subject dominates the picture space.

selecting pictures
6 Distractions in the background

Check for distractions in the background, frame edges and corners, before you press the shutter.

selecting pictures
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