Your escape route

If you are seeking an escape route from your current way of making photographs here are a few thoughts to help you successfully move forward. I will not try to pacify you by saying that the journey to first-rate photography is quick, simple or easy because it’s not. Anybody who tells you differently is trying to make a fast buck at your expense.

We are all seeking to do our personal photography better, to move beyond where we are now to a place of emotional completeness and satisfaction. For each and every reader this is a general theme, however, the path will be different for each of us. We are all creative individuals; our destination and direction of travel reflects our own personality. There are no absolute rights and wrongs you must follow your our own heart.

escape route
escape route
escape route
Changing Minds

My role is not to teach you how to be a clone of Andy Beel by teaching you my style and techniques. My job is to help discover for yourself appropriate ways of thinking and doing that is a reflection of who you are.   If you want to move forward there is a necessity to change your thinking and doing. What you do with your camera cannot change or be better or different until you change the way you think. Because everything is created twice, first in thought and then indeed. To quote George Bernard Shaw:

“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot their minds cannot change anything”

Persistent passion

Your escape route begins with the passion and desire to create yourself. Without sustained and persistent passion to allow yourself to change this is the only way that real progress is made. There is no one book, workshop or course of training that will teach you everything all in one go. Learning, growing and expressing yourself takes time and effort. Hence, the absolute need for persistent passion.

“Photography is a continuous workflow from inspiration to framed print on the wall”

Essential connected art and craft skills

To be an expert at any art and craft such as photography you must be at least proficient in all major aspect of the process. The process runs from gathering inspiration and creating ideas to the presentation of the finished work and everything in-between. There cannot be gaping holes in your skills and knowledge. Each of the essential elements in the total workflow is interconnected. As your journey to expertise progresses you will skillfully and efficiently understand the consequences of your decisions.

What You Need To Do Next Is… Photography Workshop


7 – 11 December 2018
Hartland Quay – North Devon 
  • Discover new directions for your photography
  • Dramatic Hartland Quay – North Devon
  • 4 nights B&B at the Hartland Quay Hotel
  • A free copy of The ABC of CameraWork Manual worth £25
  • Great for both colour & mono workers
  • 4 Places for individual guidance
  • Fitness level 1 of 3
escape route
The reasons why

Why I do what I do, is to inspire and encourage passionate photographers to reach out and connect with their potential. What I do, is to enhance how you think, through learning, discovering and growing. I am confident you will follow your head and your heart to attain your aspirations.

“We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover it within themselves”


Who is the workshop for?

Your initial escape route may come through attending this workshop where we will discuss the interconnectedness of the process and how you as an individual can be re-energised and inspired to take off in new or different directions. Maybe you are unsure of where to go next and would like suggestions from a safe pair of old hands? Your situation may be that you want to develop your own photographic style and you are not sure about how to go about it. You may be in a photographic rut and would appreciate new ways to fire your enthusiasm. Your escape route to first-rate photography must include a change method through learning and growing to self-expression.

“Do you need some inspiration where to go next with your development as a first-rate photographer?”

escape route
The workshop is broadly based around three activities:
  • Taking pictures in beautiful North Devon.
  • Reviewing where you are now photographically
  • Explore where you want to go with your photography
The workshop participants will learn and grow from the following tutorial topics
  • Where are you now?
  • What do your pictures say now?
  • What do you want your pictures to say in the future?
  • How to nourish and nurture your creativity
  • The features of a good photograph
  • The characteristics of a great photographer
The pictures in this post
escape route

All the pictures in this post were taken in a two day period at Hartland Quay our base for the What you need to do next is… workshop in glorious North Devon. Picture left SOOC.

escape route