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I hope you find something to tempt you to join in with the New One-Day Workshops coming up in July


Big Pit Muesuem

How To Get The Best From A Wide-Angle Lens
– A Photography Workshop

Wednesday 5 July 2017



Where – Big Pit National Coal Museum, Blaenafon, South Wales


What – Tutorial, picture taking and expert feedback to give your wide-angle pictures more punch.

How much – £79

The aim of working with a wide-angle lens is not necessarily to get more in the picture frame but to heighten the sense of drama of the picture.  By necessity this will mean being close to the subject matter for you to be truly effective. Working with an extreme wide-angle lens is not for the faint hearted, to be successful you have to be confident.



every pictureSouthwest Fuji Camera Users Workshop   

Wednesday 12 July 2017 .




Where – Dyrham Park, South Gloucestershire

What – A meeting of Fuji Users to share knowledge and experience

How much – £49 per participant


Thanks to Fuji’s policy of continuing development of cameras even after they have been sold, there will always be new things to learn and use in our picture taking. Whether you have owned a Fuji camera for a short time or years, there are many benefits in meeting with other Fuji users. The major benefit of course is that you gain an enlarged support network to help with any problems in the future.

Come and spend a day with like-minded Fuji photographers.



Infrared photosMake An Impact With Digital Infrared Photography  

Wednesday 19 July 2017




Where – Stourhead, Wiltshire

What – Come and gain confidence with IR photography with a tutorial, picture taking and feedback

How much – £79

The aim of the How To Take Better Infrared Photos Workshop is to make participants more aware of the possibilities for using infrared capture. By understanding the where and when, the what, how and why will become clearer.
There is an air of mystery surrounding infrared photography and its other-worldly appearance offers expressive photographers a great number of possibilities. This form of photography is recognised as an art form in its own right since its highly practical uses were discovered in the early twentieth century. The infrared photos that are created with the medium can be quixotic, ghostly, pensive, sentimental or chilling.

You will need to bring an IR converted camera body or, an IR Filter and tripod to use with a camera that sees daylight. See the webpage for more technical information.



What’s new – The Andy Beel FRPS YouTube Channel

The introduction of a YouTube channel is part of an ongoing process of my website development. In time I will be posting videos based on my own material. For the time being, the channel contains links to material that I think will benefit you as a creative and expressive photographer and printer.

Please do hit the subscribe button on the channel so you can easily see when I add new videos.



abc manualWhat’s New – The ABC of Camerawork Manual

How to See Photographically

A great picture needs your thinking and composition to be right before you press the shutter.

The core message of the ABC of CameraWork Manual is a solution to unlock the critical issue of not appreciating how your picture will look – artistically and technically – before you press the shutter button. The CameraWork Manual offers straightforward, memorable keys, applicable to any photographic genre.

The ABC of CameraWork Manual opens the door to:

• Getting the picture right in the camera so you do not miss a great shot

• Structured advancement to reach out and connect with your potential

• Innovative methods of composing the photographic moment

• Highly practical tutorials, an easily remembered mnemonic, inspiration

• Encouragement, fresh insights, hot hints and embedding skill exercises

“It was a pleasure to proofread the ABC Manual for you and I hope you are pleased with the end result – you should be.  Much appreciated. All good wishes.

Alan Frost ARPS



Website Updates 

A new programme of Taster days, Workshops and Masterclasses will be progressively rolled out on the website for the autumn and low winter light.



If you have friends or family you think might be interested in my workshops please do forward this email to them. If they sign up to my newsletter on my website they will be informed of upcoming courses and talks.