Spitalfields Teadance 2019 – Double Bass Player with no Crop. Samyang 85mm f1.4  200 ISO 1/35s f1.4  7th in a series of 11 shots. I love the high key effect; the post-processing issue is to get enough shadow detail without overpowering the highlights. 

 Part 3 – What is the difference between looking and seeing?


Here is the final part of the “Where is the picture?” series.

In part 1 we looked at “The 5 why’s” of why some photographers see great pictures when others don’t?, Part 2 “10 Ways to Ban Looking and Begin Seeing”, Part 3 – What is the difference between looking and seeing?


Looking and Seeing

Definition – “To look is to view, to see is to understand”


There are many different definitions of looking & seeing available if you hunt around photographic books. There are as many definitions it would appear as photographers each one takes a view and sometimes the definitions can be completely reversed so you may have seen several different definitions.

Looking and seeing is linked to Attraction in the ABC of camerawork Manual. We are all creative individual people and therefore how and why we choose subjects to photograph is a highly individual part of our personality.

Writing The ABC Manual back in 2016 I tried to make each more challenging as the level of photographers competence increases.


What attracts you to the potential picture – is it visually interesting?


See something > see a potential opportunity > see a finished photograph.


Decide what you want to say photographically & your viewer to feel / think / know / understand / appreciate – better or differently?


“The more pictures you see, the better you are as a photographer.”
Robert Mapplethorpe – Photographer 

Sheet music debris Spitalfields Teadance September 2019  24mm 3200 ISO 1/17s f4. Grain added in the post-processing.



“Seeing in the finest and broadest sense means using your senses, intellect and emotions”.

Freeman Patterson



My own take on looking and seeing is:

“To look is too briefly view an outward appearance, to see is to understand and interpret to the viewer the relationship of the subject and subject matter”.


We need to define what we mean when we use certain terms or words hence why I have set out definitions for the words used above.



How are you are as a uniquely creative individual going to use your senses, intellect and emotions to define what is significant for you? This could be about the relationship between the subject matter and the subject? We all have views, opinions and prejudices – what do you want to say about the subject matter or its relationship to the subject to the viewer?

“I look with my camera and see with my printing”

Eddie Ephraums

Compatible Fujifilm NP-W126S Batteries

Fujifilm camera user will know a year or two ago Fuji introduced the NP-W126S Battery. The S meant the camera has a better sense of how much juice is left with a percentage readout. Newer cameras like the XH-1, XT-3 and XT-30 protest with a warning in the viewfinder if a non S type battery is inserted (much to my annoyance).


There are now inexpensive compatible Fujifilm NP-W126S batteries available. I bought a pack of 2 Baxxtar NP-W126S batteries for £22.00 from Amazon UK, they are 1140mAh 90% at the Fujifilm NP-W126S 1260 mAh batteries at £48.29 each. At approximately a quarter of the price of a Fujifilm original for 90% of the capacity – not a bad deal in my book.

Above, before and after post-processing enhancements – Dancers – Spitalfields Teadance August 2019. Post-processing workflow – Lith, added contrast, darkened edges and making the woman dominant by slightly darkening everything else around her.  

Update – Where Is The Picture – part 1

In the text of the post, Where is the Picture part 1 I talked about The Five Whys. As I was looking for a different book I came across a book called “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. Here is a link to Simons Sinek’s TED Talk in 2010 about how great leaders inspire everyone to take action.

In this series of “Where is the picture?”  

In part 1 we looked at The 5 why’s of why some photographers see great pictures when others don’t? in Part 2 the topics were – 10 Ways to Ban Looking and Begin Seeing Part 3 looked at – What is the difference between looking and seeing?

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Facebook Account Cancelled

As you may realise you have not seen me on Facebook for probably at least a year. After this long hiatus I have recently cancelled my facebook account. I feel I am not a product to sucked dry by any means possible at every opportunity by facebook. This means that I will not be posting Blog posts on my FRPS fan page.


See you next time for a new 2 part series called 12 Tips to Speed Up Digital Camera Capture.