XT-2 Firmware Update Version 3.00 – Easy Overexposure Warnings


The new highlight overexposure features in this firmware update caught my eye. For the first time for the XT-2 you can see which pixels have reached 100% brightness before committing to the shot. Also, there is a new enlarged Playback screen showing overexposed pixels.

What’s new in the XT-2 Firmware 3.00 update?


1. New AF tracking algorithm for moving subject

2. Support “FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO” for Macintosh

3. Improve radio flash controller usability

4. Support for backup/restore of camera settings via “FUJIFILM X Acquire”

5. Support for “Instax SHARE SP-3”

6. RGB histogram display and highlight warning
If you press the function button allocated to the histogram, RGB histogram and highlight warning (High brightness portion will blink.) are displayed.

Further Firmware update information 

For further details of the firmware update see

How to set up a Pre-shot Highlight Warning (Blinkies) on a Custom Function Button for the XT-2

1 Download and instal Firmware Version 3.00
2 Menu > Spanner > Button / Dial Settings > Fn/AE-L AF-L Settings
3 Select a custom function button that you have NOT allocated
4 Scroll through the list of options and select the Histogram
5 Press Ok
6 Exit out of the Menu system
7 Press the allocated Function button for the Histogram > you will see a large RGB Histogram and Highlight overexposure warning by increasing the exposure with the Exposure compensation dial/wheel depending on how your camera is set up.

How to see overexposed pixels after the shot is taken

1 Press the Playback button.

2 Scroll through the options with Disp Button – new is a full-screen version showing overexposed pixels.

Hot Hint 

An overexposure warning (Blinkie) tells you when pixels have reached 100% brightness. This is not a very useful piece of knowledge because any pixels over 94% brightness will probably print paper base white. See The most important file you will ever see to understand exposure and printable texture.


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