Misty Cullins – Isle of Skye March 2016

Black and white photography is about contrast or differing brightnesses of illumination. The feature picture above works because of the simplicity of the lighter tone of the snow on the peaks against a darker mountain and sky.

I am starting a new series of blog posts using some of the hot hints I included in my latest book called “The Dark Art – A black and white digital printing workshop manual”

Hot hint No 1 

Join in – seek out enthusiastic and passionate photographers and printers who readily demonstrate their enthusiasm to promote and progress both theirs and your photography.

Photography can be a very lonely profession or hobby to follow if you do not actively join in with others who are of a like mind as you. We all need new ideas from those who are working in the same areas as us. With the advent of the Internet and more recently the rise of photography blogs it has become much easier to connect with an audience and for them to comment for your work.

My hot hint number 1 was very particular; it prompted you to seek out photographers who will not only promote their work but yours as well. Photographers who will not openly share their skills and knowledge with you are not much help for your progression.

One way to come into contact with photographers who are following the same photographic path as you is to participate in photography workshops. The joy of a workshop, tour, masterclass or course is you meet photographers of all levels of experience. Some are just starting, and a few of us are much further along the road to becoming unconsciously competent. We all share a common desire to move towards our photographic dreams and goals. Many photographers will openly share their experience with you if you only have the courage to ask a question.

Another great thing about attending a workshop (whoever they are run by) is that old friends can be reunited, especially if you plan your attendance with long lost friends.

Staying within your own bubble limits the opportunities you create for yourself to learn, grow and express your photographic ideas.Therefore, join in with those who are passionate and enthusiastic about helping you learn, grow and express yourself as a photographer.

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(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2016