On Being a Photographer – a practical guide 

Dear Andy,

“I forgot to add the other day that the David Hurn book (On being a photographer – a practical guide) is a real discovery for me – quite the best and the most quietly inspiring book I have read on photography so thanks very much for your recommendation.”
Kind regards,

Do you have any must read photography book recommendations?

If so, I will publish them on the blog so we can benefit from the knowledge and wisdom.

Other books you might like…
The ABC of CameraWork Workshop Manual 

The core message of the ABC of CameraWork Manual is a solution to unlock the critical issue of not appreciating how your picture will look – artistically and technically before you press the shutter. The CameraWork Manual offers straightforward, memorable keys, applicable to any photographic genre.

“Even though I am a reasonably experienced amateur I found the Manual helpful in going back to basics but also introducing me to some new ideas as well as including a number of practical exercises, one of which concerned using different apertures with focal length lenses and led to a discovery for me.” Steve Jupp