Learn How To Get Fast Depth of Field Results

On the Mastering Depth of Field in a day workshop I will be showing you how to get fast depth of field results.

The planned Mastering Depth of Field Workshop has been given a new date. I believe my clients and I made a good decision not to go to Didcot yesterday because of the weather forecast for heavy rain all day. The forecast seems to have been very accurate.
Limited depth of field - telephoto lens wide open, fast depth of field results
The new date for the Mastering Depth of Field Workshop is Wednesday 23 August 2017

The reason for choosing this date is the Didcot Railway Centre will be running steam hauled trains on a non-weekend day when there will be less crowds. Didcot is a great place to take pictures if you are interested in steam railways or industrial photography. We will have access to the engine sheds, maintenance workshop and carriage sheds.


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This one-day workshop is recommended for both colour and mono photographers who want fast depth of field results 


Extended DoF - 50mm lens at f11, fast depth of field results
What will I learn on this workshop?
  • A brief introduction to the Learn Grow Express Programme
  • All the skills you need to master Depth of Field (DoF)
  • If your previous experience doesn’t cover depth of field you will be shown photographs of this artistic technique.
  • Learn how to control depth of field with any lens type.
  • To ensure that you get fast Depth of Field results, Andy will be doing regular reviews of your pictures and giving practical feedback.
Limited depth of field - 50mm lens at f1.4, fast depth of field results

Hot Hint

Get closer to the subject
fast depth of field results
Is this one-day workshop for me?

Every photographer must have a working knowledge of DoF. This workshop will give you all the skills and knowledge to enable you to produce pictures with variable depth of field settings. If your pictures look like everybody else’s, it’s time that you master the control of Depth of Field.