Didcot Railway Centre Engine Shed Viltrox 85mm f18 lens. This is the first time I have used this lens in anger! in Program mode because it does not have an Aperture ring.

5 Essential Windows Computer Maintenance Tips


We all, by the nature of the beast that is the internet, download programs and stuff. That is why it was invented, right? As computer memory capacity has become much larger and cheaper, we feel there is a bottomless pit to fill with byte paraphernalia of all kinds. Never the less, at the same time, the software we desire has become more complex and thus larger to store.


As a matter of fact, a big general problem with computers is they do not forget a program has been downloaded, used twice and then forgotten about. However, the debris is still taking space on the hard drive. A while ago I downloaded a free trial version of Capture One, this is what started this post off. I briefly looked at Capture One once or twice then went back to Lightroom. The inertia to start an ascent of a new learning curve when not necessary is great. Never the less the program was still taking space on my hard drive.


Buying what you want

As humans, we focus on what we need to buy and not what the salesperson wants to sell us. Take, for example, a new car. The buyer wants a car, the seller wants a profitable finance deal, selling a car is only incidental to the profit from the finance.


Now thinking about the computer, that you bought for photography, browsing the net, emails, music etc. You will be amazed at the quantity of bundled software that came with the computer. Additionally, most of the bundled software cannot be uninstalled. When you look down the list of programs and apps on your computer you will think: firstly what’s that? secondly, what’s it for? thirdly I did not ask for that whatever it is and lastly, can I delete it safely? Of course, all the unrecognised programs, apps and files can be classified as essential, useful or junk.

Old ladder Didcot Railway Centre July 2020. Viltrox 85mm f1.8 lens

Understanding the numbers suffixes

You will come across numeric values to describe the memory capacity of a hard drive whether it’s a disk or solid-state drive. You may be familiar with the first four suffixes. Though, I doubt if you own a server storage facility operating with Petabyte drives! Exabyte drives are currently being developed.


Each value is 1000 times larger or smaller than the previous

Kb – Kilobyte 10 to the power of 3 now inconsequentially small to worry about – 1 thousand bytes.

Mb – Megabyte 10 to the power of 6 used to measure the size of pictures – 1 million bytes.

Gb – Gigabyte 10 to the power of 9 used to measure the size of Programs – 1 billion bytes.

Tb – Terabyte 10 to the power of 12 used to measure the size of hard drives – 1000 billion bytes

Pb – Petabyte 10 to the power of 15 used to measure server storage capacity – 1000 Terabytes

Eb – Exabyte 10 to the power of 18 used to measure global data transmission – 1 billion Gigabytes

Safety First 

Safety first, before uninstalling programs and deleting files make sure you understand the consequences of what you are doing. If in doubt, don’t.

1 How full is your hard drive?

File Explorer > This PC > Windows C: Right Click > Properties > General

I found and deleted about 20Gb from my C: drive and it now has about 25% free of the total 231Gb of space.


Is your hard drive Partitioned? i.e. Drives C: and D: are on the same physical drive.

More interestingly, I had forgotten my Solid-State Drive (SSD) is Partitioned with a 2.5Tb data D: drive that is 100% free. I may get some expert help to reallocate the space to enlarge C: and shrink D:.


2 Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Go to Start > Settings > Apps and Features > Scan > Review > Click > Uninstall.


3 Empty the Recycle Bin

When was the last time you took the trash out?

Desk Top > Recycle Bin > Review the contents for potential gold and Empty.


4 Delete Unwanted Temporary Files

Start > System > Storage > Temporary Files

Ensure Downloads is NOT checked as this will permanently delete the files in your Download folder. This folder can be useful so I would leave it fully intact.


5 Auto System Updates

Make sure your operating system i.e. Windows is automatically updating to the lasted version. This may be enabled but not working as happened to me. To manually check for updates, go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Check for Updates. I do this every morning after booting up.

Who Next?


The link below is a follow up to the post I did recently about the drastically declining digital camera market. It is reported digital camera sales are just 10% of what they were at their height in 2010. The number of camera providers may shrink even further given the global financial troubles.

Read the full follow up article on Fuji Rumours about who may be the next to make an exit.

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Revised Snowdonia Mono Masterclass Date 

Unfortunately, due to the COVID problem the hotel will not be available on my prefered dates in October for the Snowdonia Mono Masterclass if you are planning to join us the revised dates are 2 – 6 November 2020 for 5 nights.