Preparing To Wave Adobe Goodbye 4

Preparing to wave goodbye to Adobe 4 

This is an update to Preparing to wave goodbye to Adobe 3.

Adobe has issued its last update for the standalone product Lightroom 6. For anybody wishing to purchase this last version of Lightroom it is available on the Adobe website but it is extremely difficult to find apparently.

Users of Lightroom Classic have been reassured by Adobe that it is an ongoing product that will not become cloud-based. For those of us who are not reassured by Adobe’s promises that at some point in the future Lightroom Classic will become cloud-based have to keep an eye out for alternatives.

Lightroom Library Database Compatibility

In an ideal world, the transition from Lightroom to another product would be seamless. There are currently some products such as Capture One that allows you to it import your current Lightroom catalogue. The big but here is that the transferred Lightroom catalogue within the Capture One environment has very limited usability. Many features do not work such as Smart Collections.

I feel there will be an ongoing development issue for any potential alternatives to Lightroom because Adobe will not open source it’s coding for the Lightroom library. As such, even though alternatives may be using the same library database platform how it works will not be compatible with your current xmp files.

How this leaves us as Lightroom users is a huge quandary how we preserve our pictures within the Lightroom set up should it go cloud-based is a very nutty conundrum.

As yet, I have no feasible option but innovation and technology are constantly evolving.

Potential Alternatives to Lightroom Classic

Since November 2017 on the introduction of Lightroom Classic, there has been a flurry of activity from many Raw processing software providers all looking to take a slice of the Adobe cake. Perhaps in a years time, we will be a will to see which one of those has the most credible alternative to Lightrooms image management and processing capabilities. Here is a link to some of the current potential alternatives on the market.

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