Communicative and authentic picture making  

Here is an experience embedding exercise from the chapter on Attraction in The ABC manual of CameraWork – How to see photographically.

Make a list of aspects of your photography that are important to you and why, which you want the viewer to know. This list will help you focus on being more communicative and authentic to who you are.

As examples, mine are

Importance                                                                               Why

  1. An individual way of seeing                                            I am a creative individual
  2. Mood and atmosphere                                                   Creates a more emotional picture
  3. Shallow depth of field                                                     Focuses viewer’s attention
  4. Visual dominance                                                           Highlights the subject
  5. A light subject on dark background                               Creates inherent contrast
  6. Use it or lose it                                                               Every element must add not detract


My way of seeing and creating pictures helps project the dominant subject matter to the viewer. For a picture to be communicative, the viewer must not be confused about the dominant subject matter. Your job as the photographer is to present a visual communication that is instantly understandable. Not every picture will require this instant visual communication, there are some, where you want the viewer to come to their own conclusion about subject matter and meaning.

Now get a pen and paper and make your list of what’s important to you and why.

18 August 2018

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